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Sonoco Alcore


We’re helping our customers with unique core solutions

We provide a number of core and tube features and accessories to meet your needs. Select your desired core feature or accessory below:

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Grooved core

Problem -Due to stresses in the paper production process, the layers of our customer’s core were coming apart during the unwinding process.

Solution - Changing the outside ply of the core was too cost prohibitive. Our more cost-effective solution was to insert a small groove on the outside of the core.

Result- Core layers no longer come apart during the unwinding process.

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Embossed Core

Problem -Our customer was wrapping very thin textile yarn, which didn’t always stay on the core.

Solution-We produce an embossed core with an indentation, giving the core friction and keeping the textile yarn attached.

Result- Textile yarn stays firmly on the core.

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Problem - One of our customers wanted to increase the reusability of their tissue cores. As part of their production process, they were using water to catch the tissue paper, which damaged the core and reduced reusability.

Solution- Taking advantage of the perforations in the core, they now use a vacuum system to catch tissue paper.

Result- Tissue cores are now more reusable.

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Foam Surface Core

Problem -In many film applications, such as plastic bag manufacturing, a lot of pressure is exerted on the core during winding, causing the film material to stick together.

Solution- We use a layer of foam on the outside of the core, reducing the pressure on the core itself and keeping the material from sticking.

Result-Stops the material sticking together and reduces pressure directly on the core.

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Grinded Core

Problem -Thick carpet material can be difficult to evenly wrap on cores. Additionally, the thickness of the carpet can cause indentations in the preceding layers.

Solution-We developed a core with an indentation designed to fit the first layer of carpet during winding.

Result-Carpet can be wrapped more easily on the core, preventing indentations.

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Loose Ply Core

Problem - When wrapping a non-biodegradable, such as glass fibre, on a biodegradable material such as our cores, you must separate them to recycle the core

Solution- We produce a core that has a detachable outside ply that can be easily removed after the non-biodegradable material has been taken off the core.

Result - Allows you to separate the materials and recycle the cores, avoiding landfill costs.

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Start-up Stripes

We provide a number of adhesive stripe options that allow you to effectively start the winding process. Typically, adhesive strips are used by paper and film producers to start their winding process as the adhesive strip catches the material and secures it to the core. We can attach various forms of adhesive strips, either in-line during core production or as an additional step after the core has been manufactured.

Why do we offer adhesive strips?

We noticed that a number of our customers were manually applying glue or tape to cores to help with the start-up process.

Why choose cores with start-up stripes from Sonoco Alcore?

  • Time saving
  • Efficient
  • Labor reducing
  • Expertise
  • Numerous options

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Metal End Cap Solutions

Problem - The ends of our cores can get damaged during our customers’ production processes.

Solution- We provide cores with pre-inserted metal end caps so they arrive at the customer ready to use.

Result-The ends are not damaged and the metal provides extra strength.

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Case Studies

Our Products at Work

Hi-Radius Core

Our Hi-Radius core has a smooth, rounded edge on the unwinding end, which allows the producer to avoid using plastic caps. This solution is especially effective if our customer is spinning and texturizing the yarn in-house.

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Sonoco Alcore will purchase Mondi's existing core equipment and then replace it with newer state of the art technology equipment. In addition, Sonoco Alcore will manage 28 employees responsible for core production on site.

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