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Sonoco Alcore


At Sonoco Alcore we deliver tube and core solutions and services to a wide variety of markets.

We supply customers in over 65 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa across a variety of industries including:


We are the leaders of core development and production in the European paper industry, providing innovative solutions and meeting the needs of our customers and end users in the printing industry. More about paper »


Man-Made Fibre Yarns

No matter what machinery you use or your specific manufacturing needs, we can provide you with high performance textile carriers. More about man-made fibre yarns »



We provide the leading cores in the industry which use the latest testing technologies, such as Radial Crush, to ensure that you are provided with the optimal core for your needs. More about film »



We understand your production process and requirements for a core that safely supports metal rolls. Using a scientific approach, we specify a core that meets your needs for core performance and cost. More about metal »



Our engineers applied a century of leadership in design, technology and manufacturing to create a high-strength, rain-resistant design for the Sonotube® forms. More about construction »


Tape & Label

With multiple facilities in Europe producing tape cores and a dedicated facility in Italy, we set the standards in terms of products and services delivered to the tape industry. More about tape & label »


Transport Packaging

With three different solutions to meet your needs, we're committed to protecting your product and optimising your costs. More about transport packaging»


Paper Supply

We produce a range of brown board grades from low-end chipboard to high grades. More about paper supply »


We create new tube and core solutions for specialised uses and applications. If you require a specialised core please contact us and we can work with you to develop a tube and core solution that meets your needs.

Case Studies

Our Products at Work

Hi-Radius Core

Our Hi-Radius core has a smooth, rounded edge on the unwinding end, which allows the producer to avoid using plastic caps. This solution is especially effective if our customer is spinning and texturizing the yarn in-house.

Read the case study


Sonoco Alcore will purchase Mondi's existing core equipment and then replace it with newer state of the art technology equipment. In addition, Sonoco Alcore will manage 28 employees responsible for core production on site.

Read the case study

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