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Sonoco Alcore


Why choose Sonoco Alcore film cores?

General Benefits of Sonoco Alcore Film Cores:

  • Surface properties tailored to your needs
  • Vibration and pressure measurements taken in-line to increase production efficiency
  • Start-up stripes to speed up your process
  • Identification of critical points in the logistic chain in regard to moisture and core properties to prevent problems

Sonoco Alcore QS Series High Performance Film Cores:

  • Increased film yields
  • Reduced set-up time
  • Decreased film wastage caused by defects
  • Protection of high value film

Sonoco Alcore Dricore® Rain-Resistant Cores:

  • Higher line speeds and production efficiency
  • Savings up to 6% compared with plastic cores
  • Rain resistant
  • Environmentally friendly

Crush Prevention

Our patented radial crush strength test determines the pressure applied to a core by the film wound on it, unlike conventional flat crush testing. Radial crush testing fully represents the force and pressures placed on your cores during winding, storage and unwinding allows us to design a cost-effective and optimised core tailor-made for your application.

Learn more about Radial Crush strength testing.

Case Studies

Our Products at Work

Hi-Radius Core

Our Hi-Radius core has a smooth, rounded edge on the unwinding end, which allows the producer to avoid using plastic caps. This solution is especially effective if our customer is spinning and texturizing the yarn in-house.

Read the case study


Sonoco Alcore will purchase Mondi's existing core equipment and then replace it with newer state of the art technology equipment. In addition, Sonoco Alcore will manage 28 employees responsible for core production on site.

Read the case study

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