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Sonoco Alcore


Why choose Sonoco Alcore paper mill cores?

M-Core™ Series:

In response to the evolution of highly advanced printing technologies and the introduction of unprecedented winding speeds and reel widths, Sonoco Alcore has developed a new generation of high-performance paper mill cores for the printing industry. M-Cores are proven to offer superior performance under the most demanding operating conditions due to their world-class straightness, bending stiffness and higher E-modulus values – even when compared with traditional high grade paper mill cores used in the printing industry. The benefits of M-Core™:

  • Safe unwinding speed can be reached with a smaller amount of rest paper
  • Better run-ability in paper mill winder
  • Eliminates web breaks induced by excessive vibrations
  • Tolerates greater bending deformation if driven too close to resonance
  • Less elongation during winding
  • Lessens risk of centre bursts
  • Easier to wind a tighter paper reel bottom
  • Better dimensional stability in variable storage and transportation conditions

M-core HT:

The M-Core HT serves the needs of the high-end paper industry by delivering a core that offers reduced centre bursts and elongation during the winding/unwinding process. The benefits of M-Core HT:

  • Decreased centre bursts, resulting in increased productivity
  • Significant cost savings from less product waste
  • Smaller amounts of rest paper are needed to reach safe unwinding speeds, reducing waste
  • Improved run-ability
  • Eliminates web breaks induced by excessive vibrations
  • Excellent dimensional stability in variable storage and transportation conditions

Adaptor Core:

With Sonoco Alcore's new Adaptor Core, paper mills that use a double-drum winder are able to continuously wind cores, even if their customers require varying core diameters. The Adaptor part can be inserted into a 150 mm core before or after winding, depending on your needs. The Adaptor Core solutions can come pre-installed or be installed at your location. The benefits of Adaptor Core:

  • Allows continuous production at the paper mill
  • Decreases down time and rewinding costs
  • Improves winder efficiency
  • Increases the safety margin in printing speeds
  • RFID in the Tissue Industry


Our Intellicore™ paper roll identification technology is a breakthrough, embedded core technology that enables automatic paper roll inventory tracking in areas of paper and paper-product manufacturing. The accuracy of Intellicore identification technology enables manufacturers to save significant money by reducing lost inventory and ghost waste, reducing the need for working capital and eliminating costly manual tracking during the life of a roll. the benefits of Intellicore

  • Monitor and verify shipping and delivery
  • Monitor paper grade and storage visibility
  • Minimise buffer stocks and working capital requirements
  • Monitor and streamline production in real time
  • Eliminate ghost waste, shrinkage and waste due to inaccurate input and damaged labels
  • Cut manual stocktaking errors and hours
  • Optimise worker-operator productivity
  • Ensure accurate order fulfilment


Linerboard producers now require a higher performance core due to changes in linerboard production as well as changes in the linerboard product. The benefits of M-Liner include: 
  • Due to additional revolutions of the core the linerboard is more sensitive to breaks. M-Liner is designed to manage these new demands 
  • Our M-Liner production technology delivers a straighter core to handle the highest winding speeds
  • Less elongation when using M-Liner compared to a conventional core 
  • Tailored to meet the reel weight capacity and tested using our third generation Sonoco Alcore Dynamic Strength Tester and regular quality control testing 
  • Dimensional stability and consistency in our production process

Case Studies

Our Products at Work

Hi-Radius Core

Our Hi-Radius core has a smooth, rounded edge on the unwinding end, which allows the producer to avoid using plastic caps. This solution is especially effective if our customer is spinning and texturizing the yarn in-house.

Read the case study


Sonoco Alcore will purchase Mondi's existing core equipment and then replace it with newer state of the art technology equipment. In addition, Sonoco Alcore will manage 28 employees responsible for core production on site.

Read the case study

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